Saturday, March 21, 2009

A stunningly successful work day!!

We had an outstanding turn out for the Memory Garden workday. More than fifteen faculty and staff attended and almost sixty parents and children. Everyone worked very, very hard. It was amazing to see the transformation and we accomplished way more than I anticipated. In addition to finishing gardens for the First and Fourth Grades every garden got some TLC. We will be ready to plant, plant, plant in April.

First Grade Color Wheel Garden. I am so excited about this garden - it is a rainbow shape that will be planted with all the colors of the rainbow. We planted seeds in Mrs. Herstine's and Mrs. Gourdin's class last week to further this project. We had a great time! The seeds are up already- after a week.

They began by laying gravel on landscape cloth. Lots and lots of gravel ...

Then mulch was spread in the center and soil on the outside. The finishing touches were added.

This garden was constructed by Cat and Grace Ammons, Jane Herstine, Artrice Kinnard, Amy Batson, Josh Shaffer, Wade King and Rodney Brooks.

The Fourth Grade Columbian Exchange Garden.

This garden is a series of three raised beds, designed to reflect the community this work day these beds were mulched by the dedicated Mrs. Cashion and Miss. Wicker - a study in American Gothic!

garden beds completed last year. Both gardens flank the central circle. During

The Fourth Grade social studies standards explore the transportation of people, crops and diseases between the Old and New World. This Garden will feature a Native American Three Sisters Garden- corn, beans and squash; an African Garden including peanuts, okra, and sesame; and a European Garden in which plants that revolutioniszed Europe will be showcased: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.

Lauren Sandy and Neil Calkin building the raised beds.

The final product mulched beautifully by Vicki Crawford and Matt Gambrell.

More to follow

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Join us for a Garden Meeting March 12, 6pm

Garden planning meeting at Pendleton Elementary. Please join us!