Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer time ...

While the students have been enjoying their summer the garden has been slowly growing. I haven't tended it as well as it should have been, but there is progress. It is clear that other parents have been secretly loving the garden. Mulch has been organized, a wheel barrow and a hose magically appeared - these signs of other caretakers has been very reassuring.

Bee in the color garden

The first grade color wheel has a good beginning. Many of the seeds the students sowed have matured into beautiful plants. They were particularly successful with marigolds and green zinnia.
There are three huge plants that I think are probably weeds but I am waiting to see what happens. Throughout this garden Morning Glories have entwined themselves without regard to our rainbow color scheme - pink in the red- but they are quite wonderful too. This garden attracts many pollinators. Today the bees were out in force - in particular they love the yellow and red marigolds.

The fourth grade Columbian Exchange Garden has grown despite poor soil and little attention. The picture on the left shows (from front to back) the plants that reshaped European culture, the Three Sisters Garden, a native American Garden and the African-American Garden.

We have tomatoes and corn ripening in the first two beds. I the latter bed there are three things I have never grown before: sesame, okra and indigo.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

First harvest.

When we constructed the first raised beds some kids and I planted garlic.
Here is our first harvest.