Monday, April 6, 2009

A school is supported by dedicated families!

Many family groups have helped out in the Memory Garden over the years. I have only witnessed two work days so here's a smattering of family groups from the past work day. Not everyone is here. Just know, everyone who worked was truly appreciated!
To the left: the Liverright family worked very hard. Mom in the background in blue/purple.

The Shaffers:
Left: Josh and Sophie
Right: Soleil helps out with assembling a bird feeder pole.
I love this picture as they puzzle through the instructions together.
I think the other two children are Sydney Gambrell and possible Chance or Eddie Liverright.
The other two gardens with families working. Left the second grade Butterfly Garden- Kris Frady with Sydney and Angela Gambrell.

The fifth grade want a pond and worked very hard towards that end.
L to R: Carolyn and Daniel Perry, Hunter the youngest and most patient volunteer (in arms); Kristie M. and Kristie Liverright, Tina Scott and Bobby Brockman.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Next Work Day!

The next work day will be April 18th, 9-12.

Come and help us haul mulch and dirt - it will be fun! Really!